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    1 <TeXmacs|2.1.1>
    3 <style|<tuple|tmdoc|english|old-spacing|old-dots|old-lengths>>
    5 <\body>
    6   <tmdoc-title|The <name|Giac> system>
    8   <hlink|<name|Giac>|http://www-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/~parisse/giac.html>
    9   Is A Computer algebra system. The system has been designed by <name|Bernard
   10   Parisse> and is under active development. It is a general-purpose
   11   computation kernel written in <abbr|C++> with the following features.
   13   <\description-dash>
   14     <item*|Algebra>Arbitrary precision integers, integer and polynomial
   15     arithmetic, Gröbner bases, simplification, equation solver, partial
   16     fraction decomposition, linear algebra (vectors, matrices, row reduction
   17     to echelon form, eigenvalues and eigenvectors), permutations,
   18     combinatorial analysis, computing in <math|\<bbb-Z\>/p*\<bbb-Z\>> and
   19     <math|\<bbb-Z\>/p*\<bbb-Z\><around*|[|x|]>>
   21     <item*|Calculus>Derivatives, integration, limits, series expansion,
   22     vector calculus, calculus of variations, implicit differentiation, curve
   23     interpolation, differential equations, special functions
   25     <item*|<abbr|2D> and <abbr|3D> plotting>Function graphs, surfaces,
   26     plotting implicit curves, plotting the solution of a system of
   27     inequalities, polar and parametric plots, scatter and line plots, bar
   28     plots, pie charts, histograms
   30     <item*|<abbr|2D> and <abbr|3D> geometry>Points, segments, lines,
   31     triangles, polygons, circles, conics, parametric curves, curve
   32     intersection, tangents, planes, surfaces
   34     <item*|Probability and statistics>Probability distributions, random
   35     variables, efficient sampling, maximum-likelihood fitting, statistical
   36     tests, kernel density estimation
   38     <item*|Signal processing and audio tools>Convolution, (auto)correlation,
   39     continuous/fast Fourier transform, Fourier series, filtering, windowing,
   40     loading, creating and saving audio clips, audio playback, resampling,
   41     noise removal, waveform plotting, spectrum plotting
   43     <item*|Optimization>Mixed integer linear programming, finding local and
   44     global extrema, nonlinear programming, transportation problem
   46     <item*|Graph theory>Creating (random) graphs and digraphs, operations on
   47     graphs, modifying graphs, importing and exporting graphs to
   48     <with|font-family|ss|dot> file format, examining properties of graphs,
   49     traversing graphs, vertex and edge coloring, graph isomorphism, graph
   50     drawing
   52     <item*|Programming>Functions, local variables, conditionals, loops,
   53     choice of syntax (C-like, Python, Maple, Mupad, <abbr|TI89>)
   55     <item*|Syntax compatibility with other systems>Maple compatibility, MuPAD
   56     compatibility, Python compatibility, MathML export (content and
   57     presentation), <LaTeX> export
   58   </description-dash>
   60   <name|Giac> output is rendered in <TeXmacs> from its Scheme tree
   61   representation, which results in semantically correct formulas which can be
   62   copied back to <name|Giac>. Interactive plotting and mathematical input are
   63   supported as well.
   65   <paragraph|A note on session plots.>Any interactive <name|Giac> figure can
   66   be automatically embedded into the <TeXmacs> document by pressing \POK\Q.
   67   However, the PostScript conversion requires <scm|eps2eps> script to be
   68   available in PATH, which is resolved by installing Ghostscript. In
   69   <abbr|MS> Windows, paths to <scm|bin> and <scm|lib> folders in the
   70   Ghostscript installation directory (e.g.<nbsp><scm|C:\\Program
   71   Files\\gs\\gs9.53.3\\bin> and also <scm|lib>) must be manually added to the
   72   PATH variable after installation (type <verbatim|env> in the Start menu to
   73   edit environment variables).
   75   <tmdoc-copyright|1998\U2002|Joris van der Hoeven, 2021 by Luka Marohni¢>
   77   <tmdoc-license|Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
   78   document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1
   79   or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no
   80   Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover
   81   Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free
   82   Documentation License".>
   83 </body>
   85 <initial|<\collection>
   86 </collection>>