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    1 1. Edit Makefile.PL: include the correct directory that contains the
    2                      shared CDF library (e.g. libcdf.so, libcdf.sl 
    3                      libcdf.dylib, or dllcdf.lib, etc.) that was built
    4                      from the scratch or downloaded from the pre-built.
    6 2. Run: "perl Makefile.PL" to create Makefile.
    8      NOTE: 
    9         1) Make sure the perl program is in your path.
   10         2) For Windows users, set up the proper environment variables to 
   11            use the compiler, linker, and make tools.  For example, run
   12            VCVARS32.bat for MS Visual Studio C++ 6.0 or 8.0.
   14 3. Run: Gnu's "make" or MS Visual Studio's "nmake" to compile from Makefile
   15         produced in step 2.
   17    NOTE for MS Visual Studio's C++ users:
   18        You might get a compilation problem about the macro "_strncpy" being
   19        defined in both msvcrt.lib and libc.lib.  To work around this problem,
   20        you need to make a minor change to the Makefile.  Look for the 
   21        EXTRALIBS and LDLOADLIBS macros, move "vc98\lib\libc.lib" in
   22        the second position to the end (right after msvcrt.lib).  There are
   23        two occasions.
   26    NOTE for SGI users:
   27      If you use gcc on a SGI box running Irix6, you need to ensure that all 
   28      ABIs (Application Binary Interface) among your CDF library, perl module
   29      and the CDF-Perl XS (extension), CDF.o, are consistent. SGI's link editor 
   30      does not allow objects with different ABIs to combine. If your perl 
   31      module uses -n32 and you compile and link the CDF-Perl XS with -o32, you 
   32      will encounter difficulties while running the test programs in steps 6 and 
   33      7 due to a runtime link problem.  If you use cc compiler, make sure a 
   34      proper -o32, -n32 or -64 option is provided.  If you use gcc, it defaults 
   35      to -n32. In Makefile, you can change the compiler.
   36      At the link edit step, make sure you have -n32 to enable the proper option.
   37      Use file command to find how libcdf.so and perl (in /usr/local/bin?) are 
   38      compiled.
   40 4. Set the appropriate environment varaible to point to the directory that
   41    contains the shared cdf library (e.g. libcdf.so, libcdf,sl libcdf.dylib,
   42    or dllcdf.lib, etc.).
   44    Examples: 
   45        setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/cdf38_0-dist/lib (Unix/Linux)
   46        setenv DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH /Applications/cdf38_0-dist/lib (Mac OS X)
   47        set path=c:\cdf38_0-dist\lib;%path% (Windows)
   49 5. Edit testPerlCDFsi.pl and testPerlCDFii.pl to reflect the correct location
   50    of the CDF Perl APIs in the 'BEGIN' block.
   52 6. Run: "perl -w testPerlCDFsi.pl" and  "perl -w testPerlCDFii.pl" to see 
   53    if they run successfully.  
   55 7. Run: "perl -w testTT2000.pl" and  "perl -w test2TT2000.pl" to see 
   56    if they run successfully.  
   58 Please contact gsfc-cdf-support@lists.nasa.gov for questions or comments.