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    1 $Id: README.TXT 97 2015-09-02 02:22:44Z pwessel $
    3    DCW - The Digital Chart of the World for GMT 5 or later
    4                           DCW
    6                 Version 1.1.4 July 1, 2018
    7          Distributed under the Lesser GNU Public License
    9 This is README.TXT for the DCW - The Digital Chart of the World
   10 which is used to produce the gmt-dcw package currently used by
   11 GMT's pscoast module.  For a description of changes between
   12 releases, see the ChangeLog file.
   14 The Digital Chart of the World is a comprehensive 1:1,000,000 scale
   15 vector basemap of the world. The charts were designed to meet the needs
   16 of pilots and air crews in medium-and low-altitude en route navigation
   17 and to support military operational planning, intelligence briefings,
   18 and other needs. For basic background information about DCW, see the
   19 Wikipedia entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Chart_of_the_World.
   20 The raw files used to build gmt-dcw.nc came from the Princeton University
   21 Digital Map and Geospatial Information Center, accessible via website
   22 http://www.princeton.edu/~geolib/gis/dcw.html; however, the DCW access
   23 seems to have disappeared.  Other sites with DCW data include the GeoCommunity
   24 at http://data.geocomm.com/readme/dcw/dcw.html.
   26 The gmt-dcw version has converted the (at present) 523 individual
   27 polygon files to a single netCDF 4 file and compressed the data by
   28 using rescaled short integer positioning. Note that many of these,
   29 especially state boundaries for China, Russia, India, Argentina were
   30 not in the original DCW but have been added later from other sources,
   31 such as from http://www.gadm.org.
   33 If you are building GMT from source then you should set the parameter
   34 DCW_ROOT in the cmake/ConfigUser.cmake to point to the directory where
   35 gmt-dcw.nc has been placed.  If you add this file later you can always
   36 place it in your user ~/.gmt directory or set the DIR_DCW parameter in
   37 your gmt.conf settings.
   39 The GMT Team, July 2018