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CGAL 5.0 - 3D Triangulations
CGAL::Regular_triangulation_cell_base_3< Traits, Cb > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Regular_triangulation_cell_base_3.h>

Inherits from



The class Regular_triangulation_cell_base_with_weighted_circumcenter_3 derives from Cb, a cell base class of a 3D triangulation.

It is the default cell base class of regular triangulations.

Template Parameters
Traitsis the geometric traits class. It must be a model of RegularTriangulationTraits_3.
Cbis a cell base class from which Regular_triangulation_cell_base_3 derives. It must be a model of TriangulationCellBase_3. By default, this parameter is instantiated by Triangulation_cell_base_3<Traits>.
Is Model Of:
See also
Triangulation_3/parallel_insertion_and_removal_in_regular_3.cpp, and Triangulation_3/regular_with_info_3.cpp.


typedef Traits::Point_3 Point_3
typedef Traits::Weighted_point_3 Point
typedef std::list< PointPoint_container
typedef Point_container::iterator Point_iterator

Hidden points-related functions

Not every weighted point inserted in a regular triangulation necessarily appears in the triangulation.

If the weight of a point is too small compared to other points, it might be hidden. These hidden vertices are stored in a unique corresponding cell (defined through v->cell()). The following functions provide set and get functionalities.

Point_iterator hidden_points_begin ()
 Returns an iterator pointing to the first hidden point.
Point_iterator hidden_points_end ()
 Returns a past-the-end iterator.
void hide_point (const Point &p)
 Adds p to the set of hidden points of the cell.
const Point_3weighted_circumcenter (const Traits &gt=Traits()) const
 Returns the weighted circumcenter of the cell. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ weighted_circumcenter()

template<typename Traits , typename Cb >
const Point_3& CGAL::Regular_triangulation_cell_base_3< Traits, Cb >::weighted_circumcenter ( const Traits &  gt = Traits()) const

Returns the weighted circumcenter of the cell.

Be careful that the return type is Point_3, and the radius of the weighted circumcenter is not supposed to be computed by the constructor Construct_weighted_circumcenter_3 of the traits class, hence the returned point has no weight.