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CGAL 5.0 - Surface Mesh
Class and Concept List
Here is the list of all concepts and classes of this package. Classes are inside the namespace CGAL. Concepts are in the global namespace.
[detail level 123]
 CSurface_meshThis class is a data structure that can be used as halfedge data structure or polyhedral surface. It is an alternative to the classes HalfedgeDS and Polyhedron_3 defined in the packages Halfedge Data Structures and 3D Polyhedral Surface. The main difference is that it is indexed based and not pointer based, and that the mechanism for adding information to vertices, halfedges, edges, and faces is much simpler and done at runtime and not at compile time. When elements are removed, they are only marked as removed, and a garbage collection function must be called to really remove them
 CEdge_indexThis class represents an edge
 CFace_indexThis class represents a face
 CHalfedge_indexThis class represents a halfedge
 CVertex_indexThis class represents a vertex