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CGAL 5.0 - Scale-Space Surface Reconstruction
CGAL::Scale_space_reconstruction_3::Smoother Concept Reference


Concept describing a smoothing algorithm used to construct the scales of the scale space reconstruction algorithm.

A smoother is a functor that can be applied to a range of points. The container is directly modified, points are replaced by their smoothed versions.

the functor can be applied several times by the scale space reconstruction algorithm.
Has Models:



Public Member Functions

template<typename InputIterator >
void operator() (InputIterator begin, InputIterator end)

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<typename InputIterator >
void CGAL::Scale_space_reconstruction_3::Smoother::operator() ( InputIterator  begin,
InputIterator  end 
Template Parameters
InputIteratoriterator over input points.
beginiterator over the first input point.
endpast-the-end iterator over the input points.