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CGAL 5.0 - Polygon Mesh Processing
Class and Concept List
Here is the list of all concepts and classes of this package. Classes are inside the namespace CGAL. Concepts are in the global namespace.
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 CDefault_visitorDefault new-face visitor model of PMPCorefinementVisitor
 CPolygon_mesh_slicerFunction object that computes the intersection of a plane with a triangulated surface mesh
 CRigid_triangle_mesh_collision_detectionThis class provides methods to perform some intersection tests between triangle meshes that undergo affine transformations (rotation, translation, and scaling)
 CSide_of_triangle_meshThis class provides an efficient point location functionality with respect to a domain bounded by one or several disjoint closed triangle meshes
 CPMPCorefinementVisitorThe concept PMPCorefinementVisitor defines the requirements for the visitor used in corefinement-related functions to track the creation of new faces
 CPMPDistanceTraitsThe concept PMPDistanceTraits is a refinement of the concepts AABBGeomTraits and SpatialSortingTraits_3. In addition to the types required by those concepts, it also requires types and functors needed by the functions approximate_max_distance_to_point_set(), sample_triangle_mesh(), approximate_Hausdorff_distance() and max_distance_to_triangle_mesh()
 CPMPSelfIntersectionTraitsGeometric traits concept for the functions CGAL::self_intersections() and CGAL::does_self_intersect()