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CGAL 5.0 - 2D Boolean Operations on Nef Polygons Embedded on the Sphere
Class and Concept List
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[detail level 123]
 CNef_polyhedron_S2An instance of data type Nef_polyhedron_S2<Traits> is a subset of the sphere \( S_2\) that is the result of forming complements and intersections starting from a finite set H of halfspaces bounded by a plane containing the origin
 CSFaceFigures figureNefS2SVertexIncidences and figureNefS2SHalfloopIncidences illustrate the incidences of an sface
 CSFace_cycle_iteratorThe type SFace_cycle_iterator iterates over a list of Object_handles
 CSHalfedgeA shalfedge is a great arc on a sphere map
 CSHalfloopA sloop is a great circle on a sphere
 CSphere_circleAn object c of type Sphere_circle is an oriented great circle on the surface of a unit sphere
 CSphere_pointAn object p of type Sphere_point<R> is a point on the surface of a unit sphere
 CSphere_segmentAn object s of type Sphere_segment is a segment in the surface of a unit sphere that is part of a great circle trough the origin
 CSVertexFigure figureNefS2SVertexIncidences illustrates the incidence of a svertex on a sphere map