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CGAL 5.0 - 2D and 3D Linear Geometry Kernel


AdaptableFunctor (with two arguments)
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A model of this concept must provide:

Kernel::Line_3 operator() (const Kernel::Point_3 &p, const Kernel::Point_3 &q)
 introduces a line passing through the points p and q. More...
Kernel::Line_3 operator() (const Kernel::Point_3 &p, const Kernel::Vector_3 &v)
 introduces a line passing through point p and oriented by v.
Kernel::Line_3 operator() (const Kernel::Point_3 &p, const Kernel::Direction_3 &d)
 introduces a line passing through point p with direction d.
Kernel::Line_3 operator() (const Kernel::Segment_3 &s)
 returns the line supporting the segment s, oriented from source to target.
Kernel::Line_3 operator() (const Kernel::Ray_3 &r)
 returns the line supporting the ray r, with the same orientation.

Member Function Documentation

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Kernel::Line_3 Kernel::ConstructLine_3::operator() ( const Kernel::Point_3 p,
const Kernel::Point_3 q 

introduces a line passing through the points p and q.

Line is directed from p to q.