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    1 dormando's awesome memcached top
    3 A flexible 'top' like utility for viewing memcached clusters.
    5 Under development. Latest code is available at:
    6 http://github.com/dormando/damemtop
    8 See --help for full information.
   10 Requires 'AnyEvent', and 'YAML' libraries from CPAN:
   11 http://search.cpan.org/
   13 'AnyEvent' depends on 'common::sense' (also at CPAN).
   15 If you have a large cluster and want higher performance, find
   16 and install 'EV' from CPAN. AnyEvent will automagically use it
   17 and use epoll, kqeueue, etc, for socket handling.
   19 Pester me for questions/bugs/ideas. As of writing the util is
   20 in early release and missing many future features.