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    1 #ifndef CRC32C_H
    2 #define    CRC32C_H
    5 // crc32c.h -- header for crc32c.c
    6 // Copyright (C) 2015 Mark Adler
    7 // See crc32c.c for the license.
    9 #include <stdint.h>
   11 // Return the CRC-32C of buf[0..len-1] given the starting CRC crc.  This can be
   12 // used to calculate the CRC of a sequence of bytes a chunk at a time, using
   13 // the previously returned crc in the next call.  The first call must be with
   14 // crc == 0.  crc32c() uses the Intel crc32 hardware instruction if available.
   15 typedef uint32_t (*crc_func)(uint32_t crc, const void *buf, size_t len);
   16 extern crc_func crc32c;
   18 void crc32c_init(void);
   20 // Expose a prototype for the crc32c software variant simply for testing purposes
   21 uint32_t crc32c_sw(uint32_t crc, void const *buf, size_t len);
   23 #endif    /* CRC32C_H */