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    1 Q. What is the FederatedX pluggable storage engine?
    3 A. It is a fork of the Federated Storage Engine that Brian Aker and I
    4 (Patrick Galbraith) developed originally . It is a storage engine that
    5 uses a client connection to a remote MySQL data source as its data
    6 source instead of a local file on disk.
    8 Q. Why did you fork from Federated?
   10 A. To enhance the storage engine independently of the
   11 MySQL Server release schedule. Many people have been 
   12 mentioning their dissatisfaction with the limitations
   13 of Federated. I think the engine is a great concept and 
   14 have a sense of obligation to continue to improve it.
   15 There are some patches already that are in dire need
   16 of being applied and tested.
   18 Q. What do you plan to do with FederatedX?
   20 A. Many things need addressing:
   22 - Outstanding bugs
   23 - How do deal with huge result sets
   24 - Pushdown conditions (being able to pass things like LIMIT
   25   to the remote connection to keep from returning huge
   26   result sets).
   27 - Better transactional support
   28 - Other connection mechanisms (ODBC, JDBC, native drivers
   29   of other RDBMSs)
   31 Q. What FederatedX is and is not?
   33 A. FederatedX is not yet a complete "federated" solution in 
   34    the sense that other venders have developed (IBM, etc). It
   35    is essentially a networked storage engine. It is my hope
   36    to make it a real federated solution.
   38 Q. In which MySQL distributions/forks/branches can I find FederateX
   40 A. MariaDB (http://www.mariadb.com)