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    1 #
    2 #  Copyright (C) 2013-2016 MariaDB Corporation AB
    3 #
    4 #  Redistribution and use is allowed according to the terms of the New
    5 #  BSD license.
    6 #  For details see the COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS file.
    7 #
    8 # plugin installation
   10 MACRO(INSTALL_PLUGIN name binary_dir)
   12   IF(WIN32)
   13     FILE(APPEND ${CC_BINARY_DIR}/win/packaging/plugin.conf "<File Id=\"${name}.dll\" Name=\"${name}.dll\" DiskId=\"1\" Source=\"${binary_dir}/${CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE}/${name}.dll\"/>\n")
   14     FILE(APPEND ${CC_BINARY_DIR}/win/packaging/plugin.conf "<File Id=\"${name}.pdb\" Name=\"${name}.pdb\" DiskId=\"1\" Source=\"${binary_dir}/${CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE}/${name}.pdb\"/>\n")
   15   ENDIF()
   16 ENDMACRO()