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    1 #!/bin/bash
    3 # get latest server
    4 git clone -b ${SERVER_BRANCH} https://github.com/mariadb/server ../workdir-server
    6 # copy C/C into libmariadb in server
    7 ls -l ../workdir-server/libmariadb
    8 cp -r . ../workdir-server/libmariadb
   10 cd ../workdir-server
   11 # don't pull in submodules. We want the latest C/C as libmariadb
   12 git config cmake.update-submodules no
   13 # build latest server with latest C/C as libmariadb
   14 # skip to build some storage engines to speed up the build
   16 make -j9
   18 cd mysql-test/
   19 ./mysql-test-run.pl --suite=main ${TEST_OPTION} --parallel=auto --skip-test=session_tracker_last_gtid