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GNU Mailman Acknowledgments

Copyright (C) 1998-2022 by the Free Software Foundation, Inc.


GNU Mailman was invented by John Viega. Barry Warsaw is the current project leader. Aurélien Bompard leads HyperKitty and bundler development. Florian Fuchs leads Postorius development. Development of mailman.client is a group effort.

All project decisions are made by consensus via the Mailman Cabal, er, Steering Committee which can be contacted directly via mailman-cabal@python.org

Core Developers

The following folks are or have been core developers of Mailman (in alphabetical order):

Here is the list of other contributors who have donated large bits of code, and have assigned copyright for contributions to the FSF:

Special Thanks

Very special thanks to Andrija Arsic for his winning GNU Mailman logos.

Thanks also go to the following people for their important contributions in other aspects of the Mailman project:

Thanks also to Dragon for his original Mailman logo contribution, and to Terri Oda for the neat shortcut icon and the member documentation.

Control.com sponsored development of several Mailman 2.1 features, including topics filters, external membership sources, and initial virtual mailing list support. My thanks especially to Dan Pierson and Ken Crater from Control.com.

Here is the list of other people who have contributed useful ideas, suggestions, bug fixes, testing, etc., or who have been very helpful in answering questions on mailman-users. Please let me know if you have been left off the list!

And everyone else on mailman-developers@python.org and mailman-users@python.org! Thank you, all.