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Mailman - The GNU Mailing List Management System





Copyright (C) 1998-2022 by the Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This is GNU Mailman, a mailing list management system distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or later. The name of this software is spelled "Mailman" with a leading capital 'M' but with a lower case second 'm'. Any other spelling is incorrect.

Technically speaking, you are reading the documentation for Mailman Core. The full Mailman 3 suite includes a web user interface called Postorius, a web archiver called HyperKitty, and a few other components. If you're looking for instructions on installing the full suite, read that documentation.

Mailman is written in Python which is available for all platforms that Python is supported on, including GNU/Linux and most other Unix-like operating systems (e.g. Solaris, *BSD, MacOSX, etc.). Mailman is not supported on Windows, although web and mail clients on any platform should be able to interact with Mailman just fine.

The Mailman home page is:


and there is a community driven wiki at


For more information on Mailman, see the above web sites, or the documentation provided with this software <start-here>.

Table of Contents

src/mailman/docs/introduction src/mailman/docs/release-notes src/mailman/docs/install src/mailman/config/docs/config src/mailman/docs/database src/mailman/docs/mta src/mailman/docs/postorius src/mailman/docs/hyperkitty src/mailman/docs/documentation src/mailman/plugins/docs/intro src/mailman/docs/contribute src/mailman/docs/STYLEGUIDE src/mailman/docs/internationalization src/mailman/docs/architecture src/mailman/docs/8-miles-high src/mailman/docs/NEWS src/mailman/docs/ACKNOWLEDGMENTS



Mailman modules

These documents are generated from the internal module documentation.

src/mailman/model/docs/model src/mailman/runners/docs/runners src/mailman/chains/docs/chains src/mailman/rules/docs/rules src/mailman/handlers/docs/handlers src/mailman/core/docs/core src/mailman/app/docs/app src/mailman/styles/docs/styles src/mailman/archiving/docs/common src/mailman/mta/docs/mta src/mailman/bin/docs/master src/mailman/commands/docs/commands contrib/README

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