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    1 ---
    2 features:
    3   - Current implementation of magnum bay operations are
    4     synchronous and as a result API requests are blocked
    5     until response from HEAT service is received. This release
    6     adds support for asynchronous bay operations (bay-create,
    7     bay-update, and bay-delete). Please note that with this
    8     change, bay-create, bay-update API calls will return bay uuid
    9     instead of bay object and also return HTTP status code 202
   10     instead of 201. Microversion 1.2 is added for new behavior.
   12 upgrade:
   13   - Magnum bay operations API default behavior changed from
   14     synchronous to asynchronous. User can specify
   15     OpenStack-API-Version 1.1 in request header for synchronous
   16     bay operations.