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    1 .. -*- rst -*-
    3 =================
    4  Magnum Base URLs
    5 =================
    7 All API calls through the rest of this document require authentication
    8 with the OpenStack Identity service. They also required a ``url`` that
    9 is extracted from the Identity token of type
   10 ``container-infra``. This will be the root url that every call below will be
   11 added to build a full path.
   13 Note that if using OpenStack Identity service API v2, ``url`` can be
   14 represented via ``adminURL``, ``internalURL`` or ``publicURL`` in endpoint
   15 catalog. In Identity service API v3, ``url`` is represented with field
   16 ``interface`` including ``admin``, ``internal`` and ``public``.
   18 For instance, if the ``url`` is
   19 ``http://my-container-infra.org/magnum/v1`` then the full API call for
   20 ``/clusters`` is ``http://my-container-infra.org/magnum/v1/clusters``.
   22 Depending on the deployment the container infrastructure management service
   23 url might be http or https, a custom port, a custom path, and include your
   24 project id. The only way to know the urls for your deployment is by using the
   25 service catalog. The container infrastructure management URL should never be
   26 hard coded in applications, even if they are only expected to work at a
   27 single site. It should always be discovered from the Identity token.
   29 As such, for the rest of this document we will be using short hand
   30 where ``GET /clusters`` really means
   31 ``GET {your_container_infra_url}/clusters``.