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Member "lzip-1.22/NEWS" (4 Jan 2021, 1497 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/lzip-1.22.tar.lz:

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    1 Changes in version 1.22:
    3 Lzip now reports an error if a file name is empty (lzip -t "").
    5 Option '-o, --output' now behaves like '-c, --stdout', but sending the
    6 output unconditionally to a file instead of to standard output. See the new
    7 description of '-o' in the manual. This change is backwards compatible only
    8 when (de)compressing from standard input alone. Therefore commands like:
    9   lzip -o foo.lz - bar < foo
   10 must now be split into:
   11   lzip -o foo.lz - < foo
   12   lzip bar
   13 or rewritten as:
   14   lzip - bar < foo > foo.lz
   16 When using '-c' or '-o', lzip now checks whether the output is a terminal
   17 only once.
   19 Lzip now does not even open the output file if the input file is a terminal.
   21 Lzip can now be built, tested, and installed on systems lacking a 'make'
   22 program. (Feature suggested by Mohammad Akhlaghi).
   24 The words 'decompressed' and 'compressed' have been replaced with the
   25 shorter 'out' and 'in' in the verbose output when decompressing or testing.
   27 Option '--list' now reports corruption or truncation of the last header in a
   28 multimenber file specifically instead of showing the generic message "Last
   29 member in input file is truncated or corrupt."
   31 The commands needed to extract files from a tar.lz archive have been
   32 documented in the manual, in the output of '--help', and in the man page.
   34 Plzip and tarlz are mentioned in the manual as alternatives for
   35 multiprocessors.
   37 Several fixes and improvements have been made to the manual.
   39 9 new test files have been added to the testsuite.