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    2 # this file is suitable for inclusion in the plug-in directory
    3 # /usr/local/etc/log_analysis.d
    5 # you don't really need this file because the functionality is already
    6 # in the default config, but this illustrates how you can make your own 
    7 # config.
    9 # all configs should declare what version they were written with
   10 config_version 0.3405
   12 # we're extending the syslog type
   13 logtype: syslog
   15 # some data is worthless.  Throw it out.
   16 pattern: qpopper: \(v[\d\.]+\) Unable to get canonical name of client,\ err = \d+
   17         dest:   SKIP
   18 pattern: qpopper: Unable to obtain socket and address of client,\ err = \d+
   19         dest:   SKIP
   20 pattern: qpopper: warning: can't verify hostname: gethostbyname\($host_pat\) failed
   21         dest:   SKIP
   22 pattern: qpopper: (?:$mail_user_pat)?\@\[?$host_pat\]?: -ERR POP EOF received
   23         dest:   SKIP
   24 pattern: qpopper: (?:$mail_user_pat)?\@\[?$host_pat\]?: -ERR POP hangup
   25         dest:   SKIP
   26 pattern: qpopper: (?:$mail_user_pat)?\@\[?$host_pat\]?: -ERR POP timeout
   27         dest:   SKIP
   28 pattern: qpopper: (?:$mail_user_pat)?\@\[?$host_pat\]?: -ERR SIGHUP or SIGPIPE flagged
   29         dest:   SKIP
   31 # Let's do useful stuff with the rest:
   32 pattern: qpopper: Stats: ($mail_user_pat)
   33         format: $1
   34         dest:   qpopper: users checked mail
   35 pattern: qpopper: apop \"($mail_user_pat)\"\s*
   36         format: $1
   37         dest:   qpopper: user is using apop
   38 pattern: qpopper: ($mail_user_pat)\@\[?($host_pat)\]?: -ERR (?:authentication failure|Password supplied for "$mail_user_pat" is incorrect|not authorized)
   39         format: $1\@$2
   40         dest:   qpopper: authentication failure
   41 pattern: qpopper: ($mail_user_pat)\@\[?($host_pat)\]?: -ERR You must use APOP to connect to this server
   42         format: $1\@$2
   43         dest:   qpopper: should have used APOP