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    2 README/INSTALL for log_analysis
    4 log_analysis works with perl5.6.1 to perl5.8.8.  If you're running
    5 anything much older, either upgrade or don't run log_analysis.  :)
    6 Similarly, log_analysis was written for Linux and Solaris 2.6-7, and
    7 is known to work under OpenBSD 2.4-2.9 and HP-UX B.10.20 A 9000/800.
    8 If you run it on another OS, please let me know how it goes.  Base
    9 functionality requires no additional perl modules.
   11 If you want gui mode, you'll need Tk, preferably 804.027 or later to 
   12 avoid known bugs.
   14 Note for Fedora Core 5 (FC5) users: there is a problem with Tk 800.027 
   15 under FC5.  Please reinstall Tk 800.027 from source if you get 
   16 mysterious segmentation fault errors.
   18 To install, run the usual:
   19 ./configure && make
   20 su -c 'make install'
   22 For documentation, see the sample configs and tutorial in doc, read the 
   23 manpage, run log_analysis -h, and run log_analysis -I internal_config.
   24 For GUI mode, run log_analysis -g.
   26 You can subscribe/unsubscribe to the mailing list by sending a message
   27 with the body "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" to:
   28 log_analysis-request@frakir.org
   30 The "INCOMPAT" file lists differences incompatible with previous 
   31 public releases.
   33 Notes (important):
   35 - The default config for log_analysis reflects what my logs usually
   36   have.  Your logs are likely to be a different.  In particular,
   37   you'll probably want to have a local config file
   38   (ie. /usr/local/etc/log_analysis.conf) with appropriate logtype:,
   39   pattern:, format:, and dest: statements.  The -U option is intended
   40   to make this step easier, by only outputting the log messages that
   41   are unknown to the current config.
   43 - On some systems, you have to be root to read some log files.  If you
   44   don't have permission to read some of the logs that are read implicitly,
   45   log_analysis will silently skip them.  To be sure that all the logfiles
   46   are read, specify them on the command line (ie. log_analysis
   47   /var/log/syslog*) or set required_log_files in the config.
   49 - It is customary to regularly "rollover" log files.  Many log file
   50   formats don't include year infomation; among other benefits, rollover
   51   makes the dates in such logfiles unambiguous.  log_analysis by
   52   default looks for log lines that match a particular day of the year,
   53   but does not even try to guess the year.  If the OS you're using
   54   doesn't rollover some logfiles by default (ie. Solaris doesn't
   55   rollover /var/adm/wtmpx, /var/adm/wtmp, or /var/adm/sulog), you will
   56   need to rollover these files yourself to get valid output from this
   57   program.