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    1 Links 2.25 -- How To Install
    2 ----------------------------
    4 Follow this step-by-step:
    5 0) Check you have installed the following libraries and are able to compile with
    6    them. On a package-driven distribution, you will need both "library" and
    7    "library-dev(el)":
    9    Mandatory libraries
   10    -------------------
   11    libpng - required to compile links in graphics mode (not required in text
   12 	    mode). Libpng 2.1.18 has a bug and must be patched by the patch
   13 	    libpng-1.2.18.patch which is shipped with Links.
   14    IJG libjpeg - if you want to display JPEG's (probably yes).
   15    TIFF Library - if you want TIFFs.
   16    SVGAlib - if you want Links to be able to display on SVGAlib.
   17    OpenSSL and zlib - if you want SSL connections. zlib is not necessary if you
   18                       know the SSL is compiled without zlib.
   20    Optional libraries
   21    ------------------
   22    zlib - shows gzipped pages
   23    libbz2 - shows bzipped content
   24    lzma - shows content compressed with lzma
   26    If any of the library is not present on the system or is unusably old and you cannot install it
   27    (typically because you are not a root), then go to 11) Compiling with
   28    user-supplied libraries.
   29 1) Do not forget to run "ldconfig" if you have installed any new libraries :-)
   30 2) "./configure --help"
   31    Read the output and choose which options you want to give ./configure.
   32    Probably you will want --enable-graphics
   33 3) "./configure <your options>"
   34 4) Check the output of ./configure (in the table at the end) whether you really
   35    get what you want
   36 5) "make"
   37 6) If you are a root, "make install" with root privileges. If not, copy the
   38    resulting "links" executable into some suitable place, preferrably within
   39    your $PATH. The whole browser is just one executable.
   40 7) If you haven't got a permanent Internet connection, save the "doc/"
   41    subdirectory into some suitable place (/usr/share/, /usr/local/share). The
   42    most important part is the "doc/links_cal/" subdirectory which contains a calibration pattern
   43    (calibration.html in English, kalibrace.html in Czech)
   44    you will need to get a flawless picture on your monitor.
   45 8) If you want to supply a Links icon into your X Window System windowmanager,
   46    you will find a suitable 48x48 icon in graphics/links.xpm
   47 9) Delete the archive and source directory - no more needed
   48 10) The browser is ready now. You just have to calibrate it to get a flawless
   49    picture (see doc/calibration.html or the Links homepage, which is in default
   52 11) Compiling with user-supplied libraries.
   53     This describes how to compile Links with user-supplied libraries zlib,
   54     libpng, libpjpeg and libtiff. If you want to use any of these libraries from
   55     the system, omit appropriate references. The versions are just for example:
   57     Download libpng-1.2.3, zlib-1.1.4, libjpeg-6b and libtiff-v3.5.7
   58     archives and unpack them. Build the libraries according to their
   59     instructions to get static (*.a) library in each.
   61     Please note libpng-1.2.18 is buggy and must be patched with
   62     libpng-1.2.18.patch which is shipped with Links.
   64     export CPPFLAGS="-I../zlib-1.1.4 -I../libpng-1.2.3 -I../jpeg-6b
   65 	-I../tiff-v3.5.7/libtiff"
   66     export LDFLAGS="=L../zlib-1.1.4 -L../libpng-1.2.3 -L../jpeg-6b
   67         -L ../tiff-v3.5.7/libtiff"
   68     goto 2)
   71 --------
   73 Compile:
   75 Unix - use ./configure; make
   76 	in some FreeBSD 3 distributions you have to set CFLAGS=-aout before
   77 	running ./configure
   78 	Tested on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, IRIX
   80 OS/2 - use ./configure; make
   81 	You must have GNU bash and GNU text/shell/file utilities so that
   82 	configure can run
   83 	The only supported compiler is EMX, you probably won't be able to
   84 	compile it with anything else
   86 	configure under OS/2 needs to know paths to gcc, make anb bash. Set (for
   87 	example):
   88 	SET HOSTTYPE=i586
   89 	SET MACHTYPE=i586-pc-os2
   90 	SET CONFIG_SHELL=d:/prg/gnu/bin/bash.exe
   91 	SET CC=d:/prg/emx/bin/gcc.exe
   92 	SET MAKE=d:/prg/emx/bin/make.exe
   93 	SET EMXOPT=-h100
   95 Windows - you must have Cygwin or Interix environment
   96 	Otherwise, compile it just like on Unix
   98 Install:
  100 Unix - make install
  102 OS/2 - copy file links.exe somewhere to your path or create CMD file that runs
  103 	links
  105 WARNING: EMX has nasty limit of open files. Links will work badly or won't work
  106 	with default settings. Set variable EMXOPT=-h100 before you run links.
  108 libpng-1.2.18 -  "Error when loading compiled-in font: png_do_rgb_to_gray found
  109 	         nongray pixel. libpng error: png_do_rgb_to_gray found nongray
  110 		 pixel Abort." This is caused by a bug in libpng and
  111 		 libpng-1.2.18.patch shipped with Links must be used to patch
  112 		 libpng to fix the bug.
  114 vim: textwidth=80