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libzip uses cmake to build.

For running the tests, you need to have perl.

You’ll need zlib (at least version 1.1.2). It comes with most operating systems.

For supporting bzip2-compressed zip archives, you need bzip2.

For AES (encryption) support, you need one of these cryptographic libraries, listed in order of preference:

If you don’t want a library even if it is installed, you can pass -DENABLE_<LIBRARY>=OFF to cmake, where <LIBRARY> is one of COMMONCRYPTO, GNUTLS, MBEDTLS, or OPENSSL.

The basic usage is

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make test
make install

Some useful parameters you can pass to cmake with -Dparameter=value:

If you want to compile with custom CFLAGS, set them in the environment before running cmake:


If you are compiling on a system with a small stack size, add -DZIP_ALLOCATE_BUFFER to CFLAGS.

You can get verbose build output with by passing VERBOSE=1 to make.

You can also check the cmake FAQ.