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    1 This archive will re-enable LZW compression in libtiff.  N.B. That
    2 Unisys's position in regards to non-licenced LZW compression is clear: 
    4 "Unisys has frequently been asked whether a Unisys license is required
    5 in order to use LZW software obtained by downloading from the Internet
    6 or from other sources. The answer is simple. In all cases, a written
    7 license agreement or statement signed by an authorized Unisys
    8 representative is required from Unisys for all use, sale or
    9 distribution of any software (including so-called "freeware") and/or
   10 hardware providing LZW conversion capability (for example, downloaded
   11 software used for creating/displaying GIF images)." -- Unisys, as
   12 quoted on http://burnallgifs.org.
   14 Unless you are (luckily) not subject to US patent law, or have
   15 purchaced a license from Unisys, you will be in violation of Unisys'
   16 position when using this archive.  This archive is intended for 
   17 authorized users only. 
   20 ------------
   22 Just copy tif_lzw.c over the copy in libtiff and rebuild libtiff. 
   24 --Mike Welles (mike@onshore.com), 3/99
   25 --Frank Warmerdam (warmerdam@pobox.com), 10/2001