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    1 If libsafe is compiled on a system with libprelude installed, libsafe will
    2 additionally emit a stack overflow alert to the Prelude Manager.
    4 Using libprelude, libsafe becomes a Prelude sensor, and acquires the ability
    5 to issue alerts to the Prelude Manager.  This allows you to centralize
    6 reports from distributed sensors in one place, and allows you to correlate
    7 events detected by different sensors (for more information about the
    8 Prelude Hybrid IDS, please see http://www.prelude-ids.org).
   10 In order for libsafe to be able to contact the Prelude Manager, you'll
   11 have a little configuration to do first:
   13     1.  Run the manager-adduser program on the Prelude Manager host.
   14     2.  Run the sensor-adduser program, on the sensor host with the following
   15 	    arguments : sensor-adduser --sensorname libsafe --uid <uid of the
   16 	    libsafe protected program> --manager-addr <address of the Prelude
   17 	    Manager>
   19 That's all you have to do to enable your libsafe-protected application
   20 to report to Prelude.
   22 The Libsafe/Prelude configuration is stored in the default sensor configuration
   23 file: /etc/prelude-sensors/sensors-default.conf.
   25 This configuration file should contain settings like the Prelude Manager
   26 address, so that a given sensor knows where an alert should be emitted.