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    1 $Name: release2_0-16 $
    2 $Id: INSTALL,v 1.10 2001/11/12 21:56:24 ttsai Exp $
    4 To build the library:
    5 	make		(This will make both libsafe.so as well as some sample
    6 			 exploits)
    7 	make install	(make install must be done as root)
    9 The makefile will only copy the library and man page to the appropriate
   10 directories.  To activate libsafe, either on a per-process basis or on a
   11 system-wide basis, see the man page (doc/libsafe.8, Section "Installing
   12 libsafe").
   14 See http://www.research.avayalabs.com/project/libsafe/index.html for more info.
   15 Send comments and bug reports to libsafe@research.avayalabs.com.
   17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   18 Build problems and notes:
   20 If you wish to obtain a core dump or stack dump of a program that has been
   21 terminated by libsafe, compile libsafe with the the desired debugging options
   22 enabled.  See "DEBUGGING OPTIONS" in libsafe/src/Makefile.  You can also do a
   23 "make debug".
   25 If you get a compiler error about environ already being defined, comment out
   26 line 40 in libsafe/src/util.c.
   28 If your system doesn't have the file ansidecl.h, you can find the file in the
   29 Debian package.  See ftp://ftp.rademaker.dhs.org/pub/debian/binary-i386/.
   30 Thanks to Ron Rademaker for creating the Debian package.