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Member "libpcap-1.9.1/./pcap-septel.h" (30 Sep 2019, 512 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/libpcap-1.9.1.tar.gz:

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    1 /*
    2  * pcap-septel.c: Packet capture interface for Intel Septel card
    3  *
    4  * The functionality of this code attempts to mimic that of pcap-linux as much
    5  * as possible.  This code is only needed when compiling in the Intel/Septel
    6  * card code at the same time as another type of device.
    7  *
    8  * Authors: Gilbert HOYEK (gil_hoyek@hotmail.com), Elias M. KHOURY
    9  * (+961 3 485343);
   10  */
   12 pcap_t *septel_create(const char *device, char *ebuf, int *is_ours);
   13 int septel_findalldevs(pcap_if_list_t *devlistp, char *errbuf);