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    1 Libmcrypt is a thread-safe library providing a uniform interface
    2 to access several block and stream encryption algorithms.
    3 Check the manual page for more information on libmcrypt.
    5 Look at COPYING for license information and the individual files for more 
    6 information. COPYING applies only for the mcrypt program and not the 
    7 algorithms which most of them are public domain.
    9 A mailing list on mcrypt is mcrypt-dev@lists.hellug.gr
   10 Subscribe by visiting http://lists.hellug.gr/mailman/listinfo/mcrypt-dev
   12 **
   13 ** Some hints:
   15 Since 2.5.4 libmcrypt does not use dynamic loading for the modules by default.
   16 All the algorithms and modes, are now included in the library. To enable
   17 the old dynamic loading behaviour use the --enable-dynamic-loading in the
   18 configure script.
   20 That way you can statically link the library and be 100% thread safe,
   21 since dlopen is not always thread safe.
   23 You can also enable dynamic loading and include some algorithms into the
   24 library. To include algorithms in the library use the
   25 --with-included-algos parameter in the configure script.
   26 Eg: ./configure --with-included-algos="rijndael-128 arcfour stream cbc cfb"