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Christian Grothoff, PhD (UCLA)

TU München, Department of Informatics, Chair for Network Architectures and Services

Emmy-Noether Research Group Leader


born February 28, 1977, in Wuppertal


1996–2000 Diplom II in Mathematik, BUGH Wuppertal

1996–2001 1. Staatsexamen in Chemie, BUGH Wuppertal

2000–2003 M.S. In Informatik, Purdue University

2006 Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) from UCLA


1998–2000 Kurt-Hansen Fellowship

1999–2000 Delphi Automotive Sponsored Thesis

2000–2001 DAAD Fellowship

2002 Barmenia Award for best graduates in mathematics 2000-2001

since 2009 Emmy-Noether Research Group Leader, TUM


2000–2006 Ph.D. scholar

2006–2009 Assistant professor, University of Denver

since 2009 Emmy-Noether Research Group Leader, TUM

Professional Activities

Dr. Grothoff has a history of developing useful tools and libraries for a broad audience. The software artifacts produced by his research have inspired other researchers as well as non-academic software developers and have frequently been directly incorporated into other

projects. He was part of the core development team for OVM, a real-time Java Virtual Machine which is now used by Boeing to fly aircraft. He also helped develop the first compiler and runtime system for X10, IBM's new language for high-performance computing.

His Runabout is a widely used alternative for the visitor pattern that has spawned a number of variations designed by other researchers. His research in privacy enhancing technologies produced GNUnet, GNU's peer-to-peer framework. He is also the maintainer of GNU libextractor, a GNU project for metadata extraction. Software developed during his research has always been published under free software licenses (usually GNU's GPL) and published on the Internet.

Focus Areas of Research and Teaching

Programming languages, Computer security, Networking, Software tools