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cd-info − shows Information about a CD or CD-image


cd-info [OPTION...]


−a, −−access−mode=STRING

Set CD access method

−d, −−debug=INT

Set debugging to LEVEL

−T, −−no−tracks

Don’t show track information

−A, −−no−analyze

Don’t show filesystem analysis


Does nothing since this program is not

−P, −−cddb−port=INT


−H, −−cddb−http







Don’t show device info, just CD info


Don’t show disc−mode info


Attempt to give DVD information if a DVD is found.

−v, −−no−vcd

Don’t look up Video CD information − for this build, this is always set

−I, −−no−ioctl

Don’t show ioctl() information

−b, −−bin−file[=FILE]

set "bin" CD−ROM disk image file as source

−c, −−cue−file[=FILE]

set "cue" CD−ROM disk image file as source

−N, −−nrg−file[=FILE]

set Nero CD−ROM disk image file as source

−t, −−toc−file[=FILE]

set cdrdao CD−ROM disk image file as source

−i, −−input[=FILE]

set source and determine if "bin" image or device


print directory contents of any ISO−9660 filesystems

−C, −−cdrom−device[=DEVICE]

set CD−ROM device as source

−l, −−list−drives

Give a list of CD−drives


Don’t display header and copyright (for regression testing)


Don’t use Joliet extensions


Don’t use Rock−Ridge−extension information


Don’t use XA−extension information

−q, −−quiet

Don’t produce warning output

−V, −−version

display version and copyright information and exit

Help options:
−?, −−help

Show this help message


Display brief usage message


Rocky Bernstein rocky@gnu.org, based on the cdinfo program by Gerd Knorr <kraxel@bytesex.org> and Heiko Eissfeldt <heiko@hexco.de>


Copyright © 2003−2005, 2007−2008, 2011−2015, 2017 R. Bernstein
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Have driver: GNU/Linux ioctl and MMC driver Have driver: cdrdao (TOC) disk image driver Have driver: bin/cuesheet disk image driver Have driver: Nero NRG disk image driver No CD−ROM device found.


cd-drive(1) for CD-ROM characteristics; iso-info(1) for information about an ISO-9660 image.