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Release Guide

Releases for this repository are made via running the create-release-pr script defined in the package.json. All releases will be made by creating a PR which bumps the version field in the package.json and, if necessary, cherry pick the relavent commits from master.



  1. If you are making a minor or major release (or prereleases for one) make sure you are on the master branch.
  2. If you are making a patch release (or a prerelease for one) make sure you are on the release/v<MAJOR>.<MINOR> branch.
  3. Run yarn create-release-pr <release-type>. If you are making a subsequent prerelease release, provide the --check-commits flag.
  4. If you are checking the commits, type y<ENTER> to pick a commit, and n<ENTER> to skip it. You will want to skip the commits that were part of previous prerelease releases.
  5. Once the PR is created, approved, and then merged the Release Open Lens workflow will create a tag and release for you.
  6. If you are making a major or minor release, create a release/v<MAJOR>.<MINOR> branch and push it to origin so that future patch releases can be made from it.