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Mail aliases

You can manage mail aliases (e.g. for NIS) inside LAM. This can be used to replace local /etc/aliases files with LDAP.

To activate this type please add "Mail aliases" in your LAM server profile:

NIS mail aliases

Note: Use the mail alias user module to manage mail aliases on user pages.

All accounts of this type are based on the "nisMailAlias" object class and may have "cn" and "rfc822MailMember" attributes.

You need to select the Mail aliases module on the next tab.

The mail aliases will then appear as separate tab inside LAM. You may then manage the aliases with their names and recipient addresses.

There are mail/user icons that allow to select a mail address/user name from the existing users.

Courier mail aliases

Mail aliases for Courier SMTP can be used when activating NIS mail aliases and Courier modules:

You will then get the Courier tab for your mail aliases.