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Deprecation Notice

Cloud providers in this directory are deprecated and will be removed in favor of external (a.k.a out-of-tree) providers. Existing providers in this directory (a.k.a in-tree providers) should only make small incremental changes as needed and avoid large refactors or new features. New providers seeking to support Kubernetes should follow the out-of-tree model as specified in the Running Kubernetes Cloud Controller Manager docs. For more information on the future of Kubernetes cloud providers see KEP-0002 and KEP-0013.

Cloud Providers in this directory will continue to be actively developed or maintained and supported at their current level of support as a longer-term solution evolves. See the following enhancement issues to track the status of out-of-tree support for cloud providers in this repo:


The mechanism for supporting cloud providers is currently in transition: the original method of implementing cloud provider-specific functionality within the main kubernetes tree (here) is no longer advised; however, the proposed solution is still in development.

Guidance for potential cloud providers:

Some additional context on status / direction: