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Member "krb5-1.18/src/lib/kdb/adb_err.et" (12 Feb 2020, 818 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/krb5-1.18.tar.gz:

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    1 error_table adb
    2 error_code OSA_ADB_NOERR,		"No Error"
    3 error_code OSA_ADB_DUP,			"Principal or policy already exists"
    4 error_code OSA_ADB_NOENT,		"Principal or policy does not exist"
    5 error_code OSA_ADB_DBINIT,		"Database not initialized"
    6 error_code OSA_ADB_BAD_POLICY,		"Invalid policy name"
    7 error_code OSA_ADB_BAD_PRINC,		"Invalid principal name"
    8 error_code OSA_ADB_BAD_DB,		"Database inconsistency detected"
    9 error_code OSA_ADB_XDR_FAILURE,		"XDR encoding error"
   10 error_code OSA_ADB_FAILURE,		"Failure!"
   11 error_code OSA_ADB_BADLOCKMODE,		"Bad lock mode"
   12 error_code OSA_ADB_CANTLOCK_DB,		"Cannot lock database"
   13 error_code OSA_ADB_NOTLOCKED,		"Database not locked"
   14 error_code OSA_ADB_NOLOCKFILE,		"KADM5 administration database lock file missing"
   15 error_code OSA_ADB_NOEXCL_PERM,		"Insufficient permission to lock file"
   16 end