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KDC policy interface (kdcpolicy)

The kdcpolicy interface was first introduced in release 1.16. It allows modules to veto otherwise valid AS and TGS requests or restrict the lifetime and renew time of the resulting ticket. For a detailed description of the kdcpolicy interface, see the header file <krb5/kdcpolicy_plugin.h>.

The optional check_as and check_tgs functions allow the module to perform access control. Additionally, a module can create and destroy module data with the init and fini methods. Module data objects last for the lifetime of the KDC process, and are provided to all other methods. The data has the type krb5_kdcpolicy_moddata, which should be cast to the appropriate internal type.

kdcpolicy modules can optionally inspect principal entries. To do this, the module must also include <kdb.h> to gain access to the principal entry structure definition. As the KDB interface is explicitly not as stable as other public interfaces, modules which do this may not retain compatibility across releases.