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MIT Kerberos features


Quick facts

License - mitK5license

Supported platforms / OS distributions:
Crypto backends:

Database backends: LDAP, DB2, LMDB

krb4 support: Kerberos 5 release < 1.8

DES support: Kerberos 5 release < 1.18 (See retiring-des)



Starting from release 1.7:

Starting from release 1.8:


Feature list

For more information on the specific project see https://k5wiki.kerberos.org/wiki/Projects

Release 1.7
Release 1.8
Release 1.9
Release 1.10
Release 1.11
Release 1.12

Release 1.13

Release 1.14

Release 1.15

Release 1.16

Release 1.17

Release 1.18

Pre-authentication mechanisms