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    1                      Contributing to MIT Kerberos
    3 DESIGN
    4 ======
    6 If you are planning to contribute a substantial amount of work, please
    7 ensure that you have a discussion about the design on the
    8 krbdev@mit.edu list.  Some changes may require coordination with
    9 standards groups.  For example, interface changes and extensions for
   10 the GSS-API should be discussed in the IETF KITTEN Working Group.
   12 STYLE
   13 =====
   15 Please follow the guidelines in doc/coding-style for new code.  For
   16 existing code, please preserve its existing indentation and brace
   17 conventions.  These existing conventions usually resemble the
   18 guidelines in doc/coding-style.  Exceptions to the style in
   19 doc/coding-style are usually large past contributions or imports from
   20 other parties.  These include (not an exhaustive list):
   22     src/appl/bsd
   23     src/appl/gssftp
   24     src/appl/telnet
   25     src/kadmin
   26     src/lib/kadm5
   27     src/lib/gssapi/mechglue
   28     src/lib/rpc
   31 =======
   33 We prefer patches in either unified or context diff format (diff -u or
   34 diff -c).  As is usual practice, please specify the original file
   35 before the modified file on the diff command line.  It's also useful
   36 to perform the diff from the top level of the tree, e.g.,
   38     diff -ur src.orig src
   40 It's even more useful if you use our anonymous Subversion repository
   41 at
   43     svn://anonsvn.mit.edu/krb5
   45 and use "svn diff" (or "svk diff" if you prefer to use SVK) to
   46 generate your patches.
   48 It is much easier for us to integrate patches which are generated
   49 against current code on the trunk.  Please ensure that your source
   50 tree is up-to-date before generating your patch.
   53 =========
   55 If you are submitting substantial quantities of new code, or are
   56 substantially modifying existing code, please be clear about the
   57 copyright status of your contributions.  Note that if your
   58 contribution was created in the course of your employment, your
   59 employer may own copyright in your contribution.
   61 We prefer that MIT receives the ownership of the contributions, but
   62 will generally accept contributed code with copyright owned by other
   63 parties provided that the license conditions are substantially
   64 identical to the existing license on the MIT krb5 code.
   66 Appropriate copyright notices and license terms should be added to new
   67 or changed files, unless the contributed code is being assigned to the
   68 already-listed copyright holder in the file, or the contribution is
   69 being released to the public domain.  Please make sure that the
   70 year in the copyright statement is kept up-to-date.