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Differences between Heimdal and MIT Kerberos API



H5l: If either of the pointers to local_addr and remote_addr is not NULL, it is freed first and then reallocated before being populated with the content of corresponding address from authentication context.


H5l: If either address is NULL, the previous address remains in place


H5l: Not implemented as of version 1.3.3


H5l: If either port is NULL, the previous port remains in place


H5l: Not implemented as of version 1.3.3


MIT: Before version 1.10 it was assumed that the last argument data is ALWAYS non-zero.


MIT: not implemented


H5l: Caches the computed default realm context field. If the second argument is NULL, it tries to retrieve it from libdefaults or DNS. MIT: Computes the default realm each time if it wasn't explicitly set in the context