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    2 =============
    4 Koha is the 1st Open-Source Integrated Library System.
    5 Released at first in New zealand, in 2000 januaray, it is maintained by a team of volunteers from around the globe, the Koha system is a full catalogue, opac, circulation and acquisitions system.
    7 Koha 2.2 is more than 247 000 lines of code, developped by more than 30 differents developers (excluding translators).
    9 With the 2.2 version, Koha is now a mature product, with a lot of nice features. It's used in more than 50 libraries, from all kinds (public, schools, search, religious...), of all size (from 1 to 8 branches, from 1000 to 300 000 items).
   11 ========
   13 ========
   14 * This version is in the stable tree of Koha, but still evaluated as "Release Candidate". A few bugs are still known or have to be found, maybe by you. But it's stable enough to be used in production.
   15 * This version is only available in ENGLISH and FRENCH. Many languages to come. Spanish (Argentina) is also available. May be a little buggy anyway.
   16 * Biblio frameworks :
   17   - In UNIMARC - french. Frameworks are defined and can be set up during installation for : old documents, cartographies, electronic documents, microfilms, monographies, serials, films and images, "tire à part"
   18   - In English, only a default framework is provided. If you define specific frameworks, mail paul _at_ koha-fr.org or a koha mailing list to know how to add them to official release.
   19 * the librarian interface is tested only with mozilla/firefox. Should work (partially) with IE. OPAC should work fine with any navigator.
   20 * Any 2.1.x install must be uninstalled before installing 2.2.0 No update is provided for 2.1.0.
   22 =======
   23 DIFFS
   24 =======
   26 Diff 2.2RC4 => 2.2RC5
   27 *********************
   31 ***** Critical
   32 * limiting the number of search term to 8. There was no limit before, but 8 words seems to be the upper limit mySQL can deal with (in less than a second. tested on a DB with 13 000 items) In 2.4, a new DB structure will highly speed things and this limit will be removed. FindDuplicate is activated again.
   33 * bugfixes in french translation (that made cataloguing in french impossible)
   34 * set lock_tables_privs = 'Y' during install stage. Note this requires a mysql version not too old.
   36 ***** Minor
   37 * during update, if the user enter a different directory for backup than the default one, the updater does not obey and stores in default directory anyway !
   38 * minor (spelling) fix for adding an organization
   39 * member search (bug 851) : stripping out comma and apostrophe from search terms
   40 * various methods to split subjects (depending on OS, a <CR> / <CR><LF> problem)
   44 ***** Major
   45 * circulation / issue : adding a button to cancel an issue when a confirmation is required (bug #858)
   46 * circulation / issue : adding a checkbox to confirm reserve cancel when a reserved book is issued by someone else (bug #858)
   47 * virtual shelves : adding feature to create a virtual shelf on the fly, when adding a biblio, and feature to modify a virtual shelf name/status
   48 * catalogue : adding a systempref to define default view in OPAC (either normal, MARC or ISBD). Created automatically during install or update. Check that you have a Koha >> parameters >> systempreferences >> BiblioDefaultView, Variable type : Choice, Variable options : normal|marc|isbd
   50 **** Minor
   51 * an improvement has been done in DB calls that needs a new index. It's automatically added in fresh installs, but for updates, run the following SQL command :
   52 ALTER TABLE `marc_subfield_structure` ADD INDEX ( `kohafield` ) 
   53 * adding a systempref to define default view in OPAC (either normal, MARC or ISBD). Created automatically during install or update. Check that you have a Koha >> parameters >> systempreferences >> BiblioDefaultView, Variable type : Choice, Variable options : normal|marc|isbd
   54 * the list of authorities types is now ordered by authtypetext. Thus you can use the "space trick" : if you add a space before an authtype text, it's shown first. Useful when you have an authority type that you use more often than others.
   55 * authoritiy list shown in authtypetext order (so authtypetext with a space appear first, hint used everywhere else for lists)
   56 * some minor html changes (like changing "images" numbers in "text" numbers for result list page numbers.
   58 Diff 2.2RC3 => 2.2RC4
   59 *********************
   62 ***** Critical
   63 1 CRITICAL bug in acquisition (another one...) : when MARC=ON, and an order line is created from an existing biblio (to buy another item), the MARC biblio is lost and replaced by the non marc one (that has a lot less informations...). To solve the problem, the biblio can no more be modified after the order has been placed. Less feature, but more reliable ! (not simple solution to solve this problem. Would imply to rewrite the MARC biblio from the non marc datas, and no API is provided for this yet)
   64 2 CRITICAL bugfix in Biblio.pm, removing &branches declaration (was due to an untested cvs rollback, opac-search.pl was crashing)
   65 3 CRITICAL bugfix in Biblio.pm when MARC=OFF. subjects were stored and immediatly deleted. And not stored correctly in MARC part of the biblio. (thanks to Waylon Robertson)
   67 ***** Minor
   68 1 bugfix in updatedatabase (auth_header creation table). Don't affect previous install of 2.2, only upgrades 2.0 => 2.2
   69 2 reading rec : Fixing link to toggle between full and limited display
   70 3 bugfix for moremember.pl that no longer outputed item type for issues
   71 4 defaulting actual cost to estimated cost (was 0 by default)
   72 5 bugfix : in biblio search, - and other signs where not properly managed. Leroy-Beaulieu could not be found
   73 6 the popup of the 210c plugin closes when a collection is choosed
   74 7 bugfix : could not select a biblio in subscription creation if the book was not for loan
   75 8 minor fixes in spelling in subscription
   76 9 adding acquisition in default userflags. This flag can be set for librarians that have access to acquisition
   77 10 in subscription enddate calculation, bugfix when subscription based on number of issues (worked when based on subscription length)
   78 11 in subscription next issue date calculation, bugfix when subscription frequency is 1/quarter.
   79 12 datelastseen is updated when the book is returned
   80 13 moredetail.pl shows incorrect date, incorrectly formatted (bug #689)
   81 14 DuplicateFinder has been disabled : sometimes goes into a looonnnggg lasting loop.
   82 15 when a query returns only one result, adding it to basket did not work.
   83 16 deletion of a suggestion was buggy. Now fixed
   84 17 for installation of Koha under Windows there is a bug with subject splitting. Now fixed. (thanks to Waylon Robertson)
   87 ***** Major
   88 1 a lot in book shelves
   89 2 Submitting with no barcode in issues should clear for next patron (bug #865)
   90 3 screen added to see late issues from a given bookseller
   91 4 Koha should now work under mod_perl (Release Manager don't use mod_perl. fixes comes from A. Tarallo, Argentina, that ensure Koha works fine with mod_perl with the patches applied)
   93 **** Minor
   94 1 show also item tags into marc list of fields (in librarian search interface)
   95 2 email sent basket : the sender can give it's name, in case the basket is sent to a friend, not to itself
   96 3 removing useless string in isbd view
   97 4 cataloguing, in isbnsearch, after searching a title/ISBN, the librarian can choose the framework (+ it's a cataloguing screen, not an acquisition one)
   98 5 serials : in issues management, the waited/late issues bloc is before the collection state bloc.
   99 6 serials : the intranet note has been removed, it's useless
  100 7 after an authority is added/modified, go to this fresh authority (instead of authority-home)
  101 8 search option in auth-top
  102 9 in OPAC, the itemcallnumber search is a "start by" search (was a contains)
  103 10 opac note is defaulted to '' (was 0, that means nothing)
  104 11 adding blank to relshiploop (altrelationship) loop (Bug ???)
  105 12 when deleting an itemtype, don't check issuingrules, but delete them too
  106 13 For MARC=OFF installation, Waylon submitted a script to rebuild MARC part of the catalogue. It's in misc/updatemarc_subjects.pl (thanks to Waylon Robertson)
  108 Diff 2.2RC2 => 2.2RC3
  109 *********************
  110 * CRITICAL bug in acquisition : biblio badly stored in MARC part of Koha, deleting another biblio...
  111 * CRITICAL problem : the duplicate finder (when adding a biblio) has performances problems under certains circumstances.
  112 * bug #862 fixed : Upgrade does not work (from 2.2RC1 to 2.2RC2)
  113 * bugfix in acquisition, when a line is modified, aqorderbreakdown was duplicated. (Seems it was a mysql return value depending on mysql version)
  114 * bugfix in setting user permissions (they were stored, but not shown correctly after)
  115 * bugfix in translation error for basket sent in OPAC
  116 * bugfix in 225a plugin (editor chooser)
  117 * adding itemcallnumber entry in systempreferences during install
  118 * error in biblio detail showing when MARC=ON (bug from RC2, did not exist before)
  119 * bug in acceptorreject OPAC suggestion (bug from RC2, did not exist before)
  120 * Not really a bug but : stopword must not be empty. If it's empty, the search fail.
  121 * During install, the user can load french and english stopwords if he want.
  122 * French librarian interface seems OK
  123 * addbook (1st page when MARC=ON) is a catalogue screen, not an acquisition one
  124 * The barcode is shown in the list of books issued by a borrower in opac-user page.
  126 Diff 2.2RC1 => 2.2RC2
  127 *********************
  128 * bugfix for import in reservoir : title and isbn where not extracted.
  129 * bugfix in OPAC : it was possible to reserve books that where "notforloan"
  130 * bugfix in circulation : no warning when a reserve was made on a book that you try to issue to someone else. 
  131 * bugfix & improvement for catalogue management behaviour when MARC=OFF
  132 * bugfix in bookshelves (in CVS, probably not in official tar.gz)
  133 * bugfix in online help (in CVS, probably not in official tar.gz)
  136 =============
  138 =============
  139 * Download the package
  140 * tar xvfz koha-version.tar.gz
  141 * cd koha-version
  142 * ./installer.pl
  143 * READ and FOLLOW the instructions
  145 READING what is on screen during installation is VERY important. Some decisions you make during install stage are very hard to reproduce after.
  148 UPGRADE from previous 2.0.0preX or RCx version
  149 *******
  150 * Download the package
  151 * tar xvfz koha-version.tar.gz
  152 * cd koha-version
  153 * ./koha.upgrade
  154 * Follow the instructions
  156 UPGRADE from previous 1.2.x version :
  157 ********
  158 UPGRADE TO A 2.0.0 version before upgrading
  160 UPGRADE from a 2.1.x version is NOT AVAILABLE. Don't install 2.2 on a 2.1.x test database. A lot of DB changes have been done since 2.1.x & cannot be handled by the DB updater.
  162 =============
  164 =============
  165 Koha 2.2 has, of course, all the previous features from Koha (acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, members modules, OPAC, complete MARC support...) plus the following new ones :
  167 General :
  168 *********
  169 * (almost) complete rewrite of librarian GUI : now Koha uses CSS, and is easier to use. However, users of Koha 2.0.0 won't be lost, as the general organisation of the product has not changed.
  170 * Online Help : an online help is available everywhere in the librarian interface. It's complete in the parameters section of Koha and for new features. It will be completed for the rest of the product.
  171 * Better LDAP suport : Koha 2.2 can be "connected" to a LDAP server and get all borrower informations from there (including borrower category where applicable). However, to avoid problems for libraries without LDAP server, the LDAP features have been stored in modules/C4/Auth_with_ldap.pm file. The standard Auth.pm don't use it. If you want LDAP, just perldoc Auth_with_ldap.pm and manually tune your Auth package !
  173 Acquisition :
  174 *************
  175 * suggestion : borrowers can suggest items to buy in OPAC. Then, the librarian can manage (accept or refuse) and order them.
  176 * possibility to close a basket, he can't be modified then
  177 * order a basket by publisher or by bookfund/publisher
  178 * search order history
  180 Cataloguing :
  181 *************
  182 * Cataloguing frameworks : you can define as many frameworks as you want. A framework describes how a material is catalogued (which fields, subfields, which constraints on them...)
  183 * MARC authorities : Koha now supports authorities in MARC. You can define the MARC structure for authorities like for biblios.
  184 * New contraints can be set for subfields :
  185   - subfield is hidden : appears in MARC editor, but not in OPAC.
  186   - subfield is an URL : the field can be cliqued
  187   - related fields : a search made on a subfield also uses other subfields automatically. Using this feature, a search on "title" can search title, but also subtitle, uniform title,...
  188 * Item location can now be done on 3 levels : the branch, the location (room), the callnumber.
  189 * The callnumber can now be calculated from the LC, the dewey, or be freely (and manually) entered.
  190 * Duplicate finder : this powerful feature help your cataloguers avoiding duplicate biblios.
  191 * ISBD view : in librarian interface as well as in OPAC biblios can be shown in standard (default) presentation, in MARC (human readable) or ISBD. The ISBD view can be tuned by the librarian team.
  193 Serial cataloguing :
  194 ********************
  195 Koha 2.2 manage serial subscriptions and issuing of those subscriptions.
  197 Catalogue search :
  198 ******************
  199 * Search in OPAC and librarian interface has been improved. They now are exactly the same.
  200 * Spelling suggestion : before sending a request, the user can ask for spelling suggestion. This shows other forms of words entered that would give results.
  201 * The user can select the order of the results
  203 Circulation :
  204 *************
  205 * New issuing rules : Issuing can be set for branch / borrower type / item category, by number of days and number of items available.
  206 * "joker" issuing rules : the library can set issuing rules for "any branch" or "any borrower type", or "any item category".
  207 Both issuing rules are cumulative : a library can set issuing rules to 10 books, 5 CD, but 12 total (books or CD).
  209 OPAC :
  210 ******
  211 In Koha 2.2, koha has :
  212 * baskets. A basket can be printed or sent by mail to the borrower
  213 * virtual shelves : a virtual shelf can be created and filled by any logged borrower. A given virtual shelf can be private or public. Or even free-for-all.
  214 * language chooser : the borrower can change the language on the fly. The default language being still choosen by the library
  216 Barcode printing :
  217 ******************
  218 A new module has been added to the parameters section : barcode printing. It requires the PDF::Api2 Perl package and can print barcode on 
  220 ============
  222 ============
  223 * bug with biblio management for libraries with MARC=OFF systempreference
  224 * modifying an order seems to duplicate the order line
  225 * french OPAC is OK, french librarian interface seems to be a little buggy.
  227 ============
  228 Koha Future
  229 ============
  230 The future of Koha is being discussed on mailing lists and on koha wiki : http://www.saas.nsw.edu.au/koha_wiki/index.php?page=KohaRoadmap2.2.x