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    2 * standard acquisition and MARC cataloguing now both useable at the same time.
    3 * MANY bugfixes.
    4 * almost everything now templated. A few admin scripts still to template.
    5 * inclusion of some  pictures to say "add", "modify", "delete" in many places.
    6 * the koha-html cvs tree is now UNUSED, and no mode included in this release. the koha cvs project contains everything.
    8 TODO
    9 * z39.50 support. A port from the 1.2.x z39.50 support needs to be done. Should be quick,
   10 * fixing bugs. If you find a bug in this version, please take the plane and go for a trip to : bugs.koha.org
   13 feature freeze is there... only z39.50 will be added until 2.0RC1, which should be the next release !
   16 * koha does NOT work with MARC::Record 1.12. It works fine with MARC::Record 0.93, and maybe with other versions.
   17 * repeted subfields in MARC/iso2709 works poorly : only the 1st subfield is stored, other are ignored. At least, the 1st is right ! (in the 1.9.0, the 1st was buggied by other subfields too)
   18 * In the MARC search, the "not" flag does not work : the result of the query is very strange !
   19 * en and fr are the only languages well supported in this version. Other translator teams are waiting for more stable templates :-)