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ChangeLog-5.12.3 (12 May 08:49, 560797 Bytes) *NEW*
linux-5.12.3.tar.sign (12 May 08:49, 989 Bytes) *NEW*
The PGP verfication signature
linux-5.12.3.tar.xz (12 May 08:49, 118122820 Bytes) *NEW*
The full source of the Linux kernel 5.12.x (latest stable)
patch-5.12.3.xz (12 May 08:49, 138376 Bytes) *NEW*
The patch to the previous mainline kernel.
ChangeLog-5.12.2 (7 May 14:34, 21298 Bytes) *NEW*
ChangeLog-5.12.1 (2 May 11:27, 7290 Bytes) *new*

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