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    1 Template: jitsi-meet/cert-choice
    2 Type: select
    3 __Choices: Let's Encrypt certificates, I want to use my own certificate, Generate a new self-signed certificate
    4 _Description: SSL certificate
    5  .
    6  Jitsi Meet requires an SSL certificate. This installer can generate one automatically for your using "Let’s Encrypt". This is the recommended and simplest option for most installations.
    7  .
    8  In the event you need to use a certificate of your own, you can configure its location which defaults to /etc/ssl/--domain.name--.key for the key and /etc/ssl/--domain.name--.crt for the certificate.
    9  .
   10  If you are a developer and are only looking for a quick way to test basic Jitsi Meet functionality then this installer can also generate a self-signed certificate.
   12 Template: jitsi-meet/cert-path-key
   13 Type: string
   14 _Description: Full local server path to the SSL key file:
   15  The full path to the SSL key file on the server.
   16  If it has not been uploaded, now is a good time to do so.
   18 Template: jitsi-meet/cert-path-crt
   19 Type: string
   20 _Description: Full local server path to the SSL certificate file:
   21  The full path to the SSL certificate file on the server.
   22  If you haven't uploaded it, now is a good time to upload it in another console.
   24 Template: jitsi-meet/jvb-hostname
   25 Type: string
   26 _Description: The domain of the current installation (e.g. meet.jitsi.com):
   27  The value of the domain that is set in the Jitsi Videobridge installation.
   29 Template: jitsi-videobridge/jvb-hostname
   30 Type: string
   31 _Description: Hostname:
   32  The Jitsi Meet web config package needs the DNS hostname of your instance.
   34 Template: jitsi-meet/jaas-choice
   35 Type: boolean
   36 _Description: Add telephony to your Jitsi meetings?
   37  You can easily add dial-in support to your meetings. To allow this we would need your permission to create a free JaaS (Jitsi as a Service) account for you.
   39 Template: jitsi-meet/email
   40 Type: string
   41 _Description: Enter your email:
   42  To successfully issue Let's Encrypt certificates:
   43  .
   44  You need a working DNS record pointing to this machine(for hostname ${domain})"
   45  .
   46  You need to agree to the ACME server's Subscriber Agreement (https://letsencrypt.org/documents/LE-SA-v1.1.1-August-1-2016.pdf)
   47  by providing an email address for important account notifications.
   48  .
   49  We will use the email for creating your JaaS (Jitsi as a Service) account if that option was selected.