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    2 Simple InterViews Text Editor
    3 -----------------------------
    5 This is my first version of an InterViews 3.1 texteditor class. I have tried
    6 to implement a simple text editor that can be used in IV 3.1 applications.
    7 The goal was _not_ to implement a full-featured editor (we have emacs, don't
    8 we (-; ). 
   10 It uses the 2.6 TextEditor/TextBuffer classes and was inspired by some code
   11 posted by Frank Zenner (zenner@dfki.uni-sb.de) a few month ago. Even if I 
   12 have not used any of his code directly it was very useful as an introduction
   13 of how 2.6 classes can be used.
   15 Some features are:
   17  - loads/saves buffer from/to files
   18  - dynamically allocates memory when buffer expands
   19  - supports selectons (both primary and clipboard) from the editor
   20  - have emacs-style (and Sun keyboard) key mappings
   21  - popup-menu to load/save files
   22  - Somewhat similar to Sun's Text Editor (left mouse button selects, 
   23    middle mouse button expand selection, right mouse button gives a
   24    popup-menu)
   25  - double-click selects word, tripple-click selects line
   27 I do not consider my work as completed, but I believe the editor is usable.
   28 I have never used 2.6 classes before and I'm sure it could have been 
   29 structured in a better way. Comments are welcome!
   31 Things plan to do (if I could find the time):
   33  - add text search popup
   34  - add at least one level of undo
   35  - enable definition of menus and key mappings from resources
   36  - add popup to enable specification of find patterns
   37  - I bet there are bugs, but not currently known by me...
   38  - add many more edit functions to the EivTextEditor class
   40 (the list could be much longer, but this is what I plan to implement)
   42 Have Fun!
   44 /Janne (janne@torpa.se)