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    1 This directory contains all the glyph example programs from ivtools, plus
    2 all the glyph example programs from InterViews 3.1:
    4 	bdvtable	bounded-value editing
    5 	examples3.1	sub-directory of InterViews 3.1 examples
    6 	formdemo	value-editing demo
    7 	gclock		glyph clock
    8 	meter		meter example
    9 	radiogroup	radio-buttons
   10 	scrollable	2d scrollable glyph
   11 	scrollfield	scrollable table of field editors
   12 	strchooser	string chooser
   13 	text-editor	emacs-like text editor
   14 	timestamp	editable time glyph
   16 See http://www.ivtools.org/ivtools/glyphs.html for screenshots.