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    1 From Sept. 6th 2000 to May 18th 2001 I represented that ivtools was
    2 dual-licensed under its original BSD-like license and the GPL.  On May
    3 18th 2001 I became aware of the complete requirements for
    4 dual-licensing against GPL (in terms of required headers in each
    5 source file), and decided to discontinue dual licensing for the time
    6 being.  ivtools is still free software, as defined by the Free
    7 Software Foundation, it's just not dual-licensed with the GPL.  I
    8 would still be amenable to the creation of a dual distribution (with
    9 provisions for possible GPL-only enhancements) if requested by other
   10 collaborators.
   12 Scott Johnston
   13 http://www.ivtools.org