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Tornado - Demo Websockets App

This is a sample application that demonstrates the use of an upgraded websockets connection on an ingress traffic when using Istio VirtualService. The app.yaml creates a Kubernetes Service and a Deployment that is based on an existing Docker image for Hiroakis's Tornado Websocket Example.

Notice: The addition of websockets upgrade support in v1alpha3 routing rules has only been added after the release of Istio v0.8.0.


Install Istio by following the Istio Quick Start.


  1. First install the application service:

    kubectl create -f <(istioctl kube-inject -f samples/websockets/app.yaml)
    kubectl create -f samples/websockets/app.yaml
  2. Create the Ingress Gateway and VirtualService that enables the upgrade to Websocket for incoming traffic:

    kubectl create -f samples/websockets/route.yaml



kubectl delete -f samples/websockets/route.yaml
kubectl delete -f samples/websockets/app.yaml