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Instructions for building a multi-cluster multi-network mesh

These instructions assume a kubeconfig file already exists with the clusters to be added to the mesh.

Pick the mesh specific parameters.

# Organization name for root and intermediate certs.
export ORG_NAME=jason.example.com

# Pick a unique ID for the mesh.b
export MESH_ID=MyMesh

Create a working directory for generated certs and configuration.

export WORKDIR=mesh-workspace
[ ! -d "${WORKDIR}" ] && mkdir ${WORKDIR}

Prepare the initial configuration for the mesh. This creates a root key and cert that will sign intermediate certs for each cluster.

./setup-mesh.sh prep_mesh

Add clusters to mesh and apply the configuration to build the multicluster

# add clusters to the mesh following the example in the topology file.
# Clusters are identified by the context name as defined by the kubeconfig
# file.
${EDITOR} ${WORKDIR}/topology.yaml

# apply topology changes
./setup-mesh.sh apply

Install the sample bookinfo application in each cluster.

./setup-bookinfo.sh install

Scale the bookinfo services in each cluster to simulate partial service availability. The application should continue to function when accessed through cluster's gateway.

# only serve review-v1 and ratings-v1
for DEPLOYMENT in details-v1 productpage-v1 reviews-v2 reviews-v3; do
    kubectl --kubeconfig=${CLUSTER0_KUBECONFIG} --context=${CLUSTER0_CONTEXT} \
        scale deployment ${DEPLOYMENT} --replicas=0

# only serve review-v2 and productpage-v1
for DEPLOYMENT in details-v1 reviews-v2 reviews-v3 ratings-v1; do
    kubectl --kubeconfig=${CLUSTER1_KUBECONFIG} --context=${CLUSTER1_CONTEXT} \
        scale deployment ${DEPLOYMENT} --replicas=0

# only serve review-v3 and details-v1
for DEPLOYMENT in productpage-v1 reviews-v2 reviews-v1 ratings-v1; do
    kubectl --kubeconfig=${CLUSTER2_KUBECONFIG} --context=${CLUSTER2_CONTEXT} \
        scale deployment ${DEPLOYMENT} --replicas=0

Teardown the mesh and remove the sample bookinfo application.

./setup-mesh.sh teardown
./setup-bookinfo.sh uninstall