--- title: Bypass description: Adapter for connecting to gRPC based adapters as an inline adapter for some templates. layout: protoc-gen-docs generator: protoc-gen-docs number_of_entries: 1 ---

The bypass adapter makes it possible to connect to gRPC based remote adapters using the compiled-in adapter model.

This adapter supports the following templates: metric. checknothing. reportnothing. quota.

Example configuration:

### sessionBased indicates whether the client should use the Infrastructure API of the backend
### to create sessions. If set to true, the bypass adapter will first create a session.
sessionBased: false

### backendAddress is the remote adapter service backend address.
backendAddress: localhost:4567

### params is base64 encoded Any proto that should be passed to the remote backend as
### configuration.
params: RGFuJ3MgVG9vbHMgYXJlIGNvb2wh...


Configuration format for the Bypass adapter.

Field Type Description Required
backendAddress string

The backend address for the remote policy backend.

params Any

The actual config parameters to send to the remote backend.

sessionBased bool

Indicates whether the protocol is session based or not.