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Deprecation notice

As of Istio 1.5, Mixer is deprecated. The functionality provided by Mixer is being moved into the Envoy proxies. Use of Mixer with Istio will only be supported through the 1.7 release of Istio.

Mixer's future

Because of the extensive feedback we received from the community about the difficulties encountered with Mixer, we are making a substantial change to Istio's architecture. By taking advantage of the work being done in the WebAssembly community, we are working to move the functionality that formerly lived in Mixer into the Envoy proxy itself.

What will this do for the Istio user? It will greatly reduce complexity, by:

For partners integrating with Istio, it standardizing the method of integrating external components with the broader Envoy community.

To read more about the changes (which we're tentatively calling Extensions v2), please see this doc . Note you must follow these directions to get access to Istio design documents.

Obsolete Mixer Documentation

Mixer enables extensible policy enforcement and control within the Istio service mesh. It is responsible for insulating the proxy (Envoy) from details of the current execution environment and the intricacies of infrastructure backends.

Mixer provides three distinct features:

Learn more about Mixer here.

Mixer's Adapter Developer's Guide presents everything you need to know about extending Mixer to provide support for new backends through the development of new adapters.

Mixer's Template Developer's Guide presents everything you need to know about you can create new templates to define whole new categories of adapters.