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    2 You need LIBNET 1.1.x to link ISIC version 0.07 against.
    3 http://www.packetfactory.net/projects/libnet
    6 Install:
    7 	./configure
    8 	make
    9 	make install
   10 	make clean	# Optional
   12 Note: It assumes the Libnet library file is installed under /usr/local/lib/.
   13 	Also, please make sure the path to the executable 'libnet-config' is
   14 	added in the environment setting.
   16 It successfully builds and works on:
   17 	FreeBSD 3.1
   18 	Debian Linux 2.1 (Hamm)		<- Named after Toy Story!
   19 	Redhat Linux 7.3
   20 	Redhat Linux 9.0
   21 	Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badge)
   25 What should you use as the sending computer?
   26 	There are pro's and con's to both BSD and Linux.
   28 FreeBSD:  Has an extremely intelligent IP stack.  It assumes that it is more
   29 	intelligent than the programmer.  (It almost always is).  So it will
   30 	clean up some really bad IP Packets.
   32 Linux:	Linux has a brain-dead stack.  So when you send a packet and it is
   33 	totally illegal, it will still send it.  But I have seen linux
   34 	filling the pipe with UDP packets from a raw socket and the linux
   35 	kernel decided to mangle ALL of the UDP checksums.
   37 OpenBSD:  Now you're talking :-)  I can't test it right now because my keyboard
   38 	controller keeps flaking out.  Ratty Intel hardware.